Recruitment and Retention Mutual Report


On March 25, 2016 committee members from ten (10) Local 1000 impacted classifications, members of the Unit 1 Bargaining Team and representatives from CalHR and multiple departments met to finalize their report on recommended solutions to the recruitment and retention problems those classifications currently face. These recommendations will be presented to Richard Gillihan, Director of CalHR, and ultimately to the State Administration. A copy of the completed report and its recommendations can be found here.

When creating these recommendations the committee discussed the inability to recruit applicants, the resources wasted in training new employees only to lose them shortly thereafter and the problems encountered by departments when they cannot provide quality public services because of lack of staffing.

“It is a great sign of progress that this committee could work collaboratively to agree upon these recommendations and create this report” said Brenda Modkins Chair of Bargaining Unit 1. “This document is an important step in the process of the State acknowledging the issues around recruitment and retention.”

Local 1000’s team realized that although this is a great victory and positive step forward, this is not the end of this struggle and we need to continue to put pressure on department heads to go to CalHR and the Governor about these recruitment and retention issues. These teams will continue to fight for their classifications in this committee, at the bargaining table and in their worksites.

In a couple weeks we begin bargaining the successor Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), recruitment and retention will continue to be an issue in our negotiations and we will need all our worksites activated. Make sure you are in contact with you Worksite Action Team Leaders and ready to win this fight!


Thank you,
Brenda Modkins