Recruitment and Retention Update


Over the last few months the Unit 1 Bargaining team members and members in over 34 classifications prepared expert testimony to present to the California Human Resources (CalHR) department.  Listed below are the members who are doing excellent work in representing your classification group during this process. The last classification group presented their testimony and proposal to CalHR on February 4th. The next phase of implementing this contract language consists of meeting with CalHR and getting their response to our proposals; our goal is to secure the meeting within the next couple of weeks. We appreciate all the hard work that went into every presentation by our Unit 1 peers. We will continue to push CalHR to resolve the inadequate state classification and compensation system. In order to further support the proposals submitted to CalHR, please click here and request your department send a letter of support to CalHR


Correctional Case Records Analysts:

Karen Devoll, California Department of Corrections

Michelle Pantages, California Department of Corrections

Cathy Reabold, Department of State Hospital

Gwendolyn Crawford, California Department of Corrections


District Sales Representatives:

Paulina Ishaya, California State Lottery

Robert Walsh, California State Lottery

Russell Sehn, California State Lottery


Energy Siting Planners:

Neal Johnson, CalRecycle [Assisted]

Melissa Mourkas, Energy Conservation


Environmental Planners:

Claudia Gambaro, Military Department

Edvard Isaacs, Department of Transportation

Lindsay Vivian, Department of Transportation


Financial Institutions Examiners:

Eddy Sprajia, Department of Business Oversight

Maisah Ali, Department of Business Oversight


Right of Way Agents:

Jean Colyer, Department of Transportation

Tanisha Barfield, Department of Transportation

Carl Gustafson, Department of Transportation


Personnel Specialists:

Latreece Smith, CalPERS

Sheila Stokes, State Controller’s Office [Payroll Specialists]


Tax Auditors:

James Zoes, Board of Equalization

Delia Avila, Franchise Tax Board


Transportation Planners:

Paul Svedersky, Department of Transportation

Todd Nguyen, Department of Transportation 


Worker’s Compensation Claims Adjusters:

Bonnie Berger, State Fund

Susan Rodriguez, State Fund

John Moore, State Fund


I look forward to your success in helping your department director support this important issue.  


In Solidarity,
Brenda Modkins, Unit 1 Bargaining Chair