Resume Formats


Chronological resume

The chronological resume is designed to present your employment information by date, beginning with the most recent position.

This resume style stresses the positions you have held and the companies where you have worked. The chronological resume format is most appropriate for people who can demonstrate an employment history with no large gaps between jobs. This type of resume is also good when you are not making a dramatic change in career direction.

The State Application allows applicants to present their employment history in a chronological manner, so if you plan to attach a resume, you might want to consider the functional resume.

Functional Resume

The functional resume is a skills-based resume. It allows you to down play gaps in your employment history since it emphasizes your abilities and accomplishments without providing detailed background information on where and when you acquired these skills.

This resume style is especially suitable for recent graduates with little work experience, people who are trying to go back into the job market, and job seekers in the middle of a career change who want to emphasize their transferable skills.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding resume formats. It is important to select the resume format that you believe best presents your qualifications and pertinent information.