SCIF proposes legislation to avoid the sale of assets, require licenses, and analyze workloads
2:57 PM - April 2, 2010


AB 1897, introduced by Dave Jones (D-Sacramento) and sponsored by Local 1000, would repeal the authority of the Director of Finance to sell assets of the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF).

Earlier this year, Governor Schwarzenegger suggested selling $1 billion worth of the “book of business” to private investors.
This bill would require the Governor’s nine appointees to the State Compensation Insurance Fund board of directors be subject to confirmation by the Senate. 

Finally, it requires that SCIF ensure that its employees have appropriate licenses for transacting workers’ compensation insurance as a condition of employment, at no cost to the employee.  It requires the fund to analyze the workload of SCIF adjusters and develop a plan to bring it in line with industry standards.  

For more information, visit Local 1000-backed Legislation.

Local 1000 represent approximately 4,200 Unit 1 employees at SCIF.