SEIU Local 1000 / DSS Meet and Confer
First Meet and Confer on DSS Tier 2 Enhanced Background Checks


On Thursday, February 24, 2022, SEIU Local 1000 had a meet and confer with the Department of Social Services (DSS) on Tier 2 Enhanced Background Checks. DSS has already begun the process for current employees hired prior to 2019 to undergo the Tier 2 Enhanced Background Check. Here is more information provided about the process and potential outcomes.

  • If through the investigative process, the Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources (DCHR) determines that the employee is “not suitable,” DCHR will contact the administrator for the State of California to have a confidential discussion and inform DSS of individuals who have not received clearance. DCHR will not provide detailed information pertaining to the background check to the administrator.
  • Department of Social Services (DSS) has made a commitment to try and find a position for an employee who cooperated with the investigative process and has passed probation somewhere else in the department and close to where they are currently located.
  • If the employee is on probation and through the investigation is found “not suitable,” they will face a non-punitive termination.
  • An employee has seven (7) calendar days to make a written appeal if they wish to provide more clarification/additional information.
  • DSS has indicated that during the course of the investigation interview with DHCR, the only participants of the conversation are the employee and the investigator. We were informed a union representative is not permitted because the investigation is not related to the performance and disciplinary process, but it is an investigation to determine if the employee meets the criteria to be found suitable. This background check is a condition of employment. This is only for the background check interview. Once the conversation is between the employee and DSS has been completed, you have the right to ask for a union representative to be present.
  • The background check process has a phased roll out approach. The schedule of the roll out is attached with this communication.

If you are having any issues with the implementation of Tier 2 Enhanced Background Checks, please call the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.7348 (SEIU). You can also contact your respective Bargaining Unit Chairs at or

Click here to view the roll out schedule.