SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown’s 10-Point Plan


SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown has pledged to bring transparency and solvency to Local 1000. And he has already shown his commitment to ALL of our represented employees by standing up and speaking out against Governor Newsom for violating our contract by unilaterally declaring masks and vaccination testing for state employees without a meet-and-confer.

President Brown is strengthening SEIU Local 1000 through his 10-Point Plan by:

  1. Increasing our power by establishing a strike fund to support lengthy contract negotiations.
  2. Protecting our salaries and our dignity by rejecting contracts or side letter agreements that reduce our money, and by eliminating the 3.5% OPEB-CERBT deduction from our paychecks.
  3. Bringing fiscal responsibility to SEIU Local 1000 by eliminating politics and non-germane activities, in turn ensuring Local 1000 staff receive guaranteed medical retirement benefits.
  4. Creating guaranteed enforceable union contracts by working with our labor negotiators to aggressively fight for substantial compensation (21%) that includes GEO pay and COLA for ALL.
  5. Respecting ALL dissenting union represented members by creating a single Union membership class that gives ALL SEIU Local 1000 represented employees the right to vote in our leadership elections and to be a Job Steward, regardless of paying status.
  6. Eliminate salary stipends and time requirements for ALL volunteer elected leadership positions.
  7. Creating a two-term limit for ALL volunteer elected positions.
  8. Working overtime to show transparency and fiduciary responsibility while increasing our dues-paying membership.
  9. Creating trust and accountability through videotaping the entire voting process (printing, mailing, opening, and counting envelopes with their ballots) as well as all quarterly Board of Directors meetings.
  10. Combining all of these measures to create a new, independent SEIU Local 1000.

We are a labor union — First, Foremost, and Always. There are numerous factions working to eliminate us. Let’s not aid or abet their agenda by diverting President Brown’s attention from the hard work of running Local 1000.