SEIU Local 1000 Updates for the Department Motor Vehicles (DMV)


No Saturday Service in Field Offices on Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Weekends

On August 29, 2018, Local 1000 and DMV continued negotiations regarding the department’s intent to open field offices on the Saturday before Veterans Day (November 10) and the Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 24).  After long discussions around our negotiation team’s proposals, DMV has rescinded the requirement that the field offices be open on either day. This victory allows our DMV members to enjoy their upcoming holiday weekends.

Implementation of Arbitration Victory for Five Minute Breaks at Call Centers

Due to our arbitration victory, the DMV is implementing a system in the call centers to provide our members the ability to utilize their five (5) minute breaks after being on the computer for one (1) hour. This victory guarantees that our DMV members are treated equitably across the call centers and can take their rest breaks in accordance with our Contract. The department is rolling out a 90-day pilot to make sure the new system functions properly and allows our members time to provide feedback on any issues to the department.

Stay In Touch with Your DMV Heat Team

To get in touch with your DMV H.E.A.T Team, please contact the Member Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348)