SEIU Local 1000 Well-Being Program
In Partnership with Kaiser Permanente


This year, SEIU Local 1000 has partnered with Kaiser Permanente to launch a well-being program for Kaiser members who are also SEIU Local 1000 members.  At different stages of the program, members can earn rewards up to $150 per member or $300 for a family.

Take Action 
Take a confidential online Total Health Assessment to see what’s impacting your health. Then join missions to help you reduce stress, quit smoking, increase physical activity, and much more.

Enjoy the rewards
Take action before August 31, 2021, you’ll enjoy these rewards courtesy of SEIU Local 1000: 

  • Complete the Total Health Assessment and earn a $75 reward card.
  • Complete 3 missions and earn a$75 reward card.
  • You’ll also get a customized action plan to help you make healthy lifestyle changes

Get started today
To take any of the programs:

  • Go to Click on the link for the Total Health Assessment.
  • Sign on when promoted. If you are new, click on “Register now”.
  • Once you complete the assessment, you’ll get recommendations for missions under the healthy lifestyle programs.
    (Please Note: You don’t have to register 

Spouse or Domestic Partner​ rewards
Rewards are also offered to a spouse or domestic partner who is already included in the Kaiser plan. You can enter your Spouse or Domestic Partner’s Information at

Please Note: 

  • Members don’t have to sign up/register, you can simply enjoy the rewards by taking the Total Health Assessment.
  • Please only register a spouse or domestic partner who is not a state worker or SEIU Local 1000 member.

The reward program runs through August 31, 2021, and is open to all SEIU Local 1000 members who are Kaiser Permanente subscribers and their spouses or domestic partners who are Kaiser permanente members 18 and older covered by the CalPERS health plan from Kaiser Permanente. 

You can take the Total Health Assessment or the healthy lifestyle programs as often as you like, but you can only earn a credit for the assessment or mission(s) once during the reward period. Reward cards expire 12 months from the date issued.