SEIU Local 1000 works with CalPERS to improve the Actuarial Study Program


Local 1000 met with CalPERS management on October 26 to discuss changes to the CalPERS Actuarial Study Program.  This program provides support for employees in the Actuarial Office who are preparing to take their certification exams. Local 1000’s team included Stuart Bennett (Unit 1 DBUR and Senior Pension Actuary), Latreece Smith (President of DLC 781), Tony Cuny (CalPERS Actuarial Assistant) and Wandra Pitts (Vice President of DLC 781).

“We are working with CalPERS to foster a community that supports our members pursuing career paths as actuaries,” said Stuart Bennett, the DBUR representing Unit 1 at the table.  For this reason, the team proposed that CalPERS add the “Group and Health track” to the program’s curriculum.  CalPERS agreed to this proposal and acknowledged that it is important to support actuaries who work in this area.

In addition, CalPERS accepted our proposal clarifying and expanding the time and places our members can study. Tony Cuny, a member who is currently studying for his certification, made a compelling argument that studying solely at his desk—especially when taking timed practice exams—is incredibly difficult. Being able to use other spaces and resources at CalPERS provides him and other actuaries with the flexibility and support they need.

Our team continues to work with CalPERS in order to promote the Actuarial Study Program more widely across the department so all of our members are aware of its benefits and know how to use it for career development.