Setting the Record Straight


Welcome! This will be a new and, most likely, long-running section of the Local 1000 Union Update newsletter.

For too long Local 1000 has been shrouded in opaqueness. This ends now. One of the main reasons for this policy change is to help inform the employees represented by this Union, because informed represented employees become engaged dues-paying members!

One of the last acts by outgoing President Walker, on June 30, was to not renew the full-time union leave for the Bargaining Unit Chairs. By ending their union leave, it automatically triggered a disabling of their email and by default impeded the ability of the statewide chairs to fulfill their duties.

The next day, July 1, this issue was brought to my attention during the first steward call. Upon receiving this information BU Chairs were given immediate and full access to their email.

Despite many stories, it wasn’t me who canceled union leave or denied BU Chairs access to their email.

Much of this confusion could have been avoided had the outgoing President made an honorable effort at a smooth transition instead of waiting until the eleventh hour to hand over the reins.

This sets the record straight.

Richard Louis Brown
SEIU Local 1000