Setting the Record Straight


This is our second installment of Setting the Record Straight where we clarify recent topics and issues that are important to our elected Board of Directors and represented members.

I have been asked by several people recently about the many Local 1000 Social Justice Committees. I understand the Board members on these committee’s feel strongly about their individual issues and I respect that enthusiasm. Let me say to the Board members: These social justice committees will continue but with some clarity.

I have stated many times that Local 1000 is a labor organization, the identity that we were a social justice/political organization in the past has ended. I say this for the simple reason that, separate from these committees, my passion is focused on all our represented employees. The common thread between every one of these social justice committees and my focus is our contract.

These committees distinguish themselves as separate groups by their differences of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. While individuality should be celebrated it does not unify us. We are stronger as a union when we emphasize our similarities, not our differences. The one common thread that bonds us together is our labor. Our unity is our greatest strength and that connection is achieved through our collective labor.

I want to encourage all the social justice committees to continue to work on issues that they are passionate about and hope that by continuing this work it will help bring us together as a labor organization.

This sets the record straight.



Richard Louis Brown
SEIU Local 1000