Side Letter Enforcement
4:26 PM - September 5, 2012


Are student assistants or non-mission critical annuitants still performing the work of Local 1000 members in your office?

As of Sept. 1, non-represented student assistant and non-mission critical retired annuitant positions should no longer be performing the work of Local 1000 members. In order to ensure accountability and to help save the state more money, please alert Local 1000 to any instances where student assistant positions remain or retired annuitant positions are performing work that should be done by our represented employees. You can do so by visiting and filling out a short form.
The Local 1000 member-elected bargaining team fought for this clause while negotiating the side letter agreement in June, which protects job security and returns bargaining unit specific work to our members. Along with the elimination and reduction of these positions, provisions are in place so that none will be hired until July 1, 2013, unless they fall within certain guidelines.