Side Letter: Outsourcing
9:51 AM - September 12, 2012


Report on wasteful contracts

How you can help to reduce job outsourcing

The new Outsourcing Task Force –created by the June side letter–is beginning to focus on wasteful private vendor contracts that can be eliminated, so that the cost savings can save taxpayer money and help preserve member pay and state jobs. Working with members on the Outsourcing Task Force Local 1000’s Contract, Research and Legal departments are reviewing and challenging those contracts that needlessly cost the state money.
If you are aware of a situation where private contractors are performing work that could be done by Local 1000-represented state, please take a few minutes and fill out the survey form here. 

This information will help the task force identify priority contracts to review and analyze to possibly reduce the use of contractors and contract employees who perform the work of state workers, develop plans to transfer work back to state workers and/or reduce the cost of contracts.