SPB Approves New Medical Assistant Classification
Local 1000 Will Meet with the State on the Creation of the New Classification


The State Personnel Board (SPB) recently approved the creation of a Medical Assistant classification in state civil service. Our Contract gives us the opportunity to meet with the state on the salary and impacts of the new classification. We will stay involved in the introduction of this new position to ensure a smooth transition. To do this, we will meet with the state prior to the employment of new Medical Assistants to ensure the new classification is integrated into the Medical Classification Model.

To monitor the roll-out of the new classification closely, we need your help to identify impacts and make recommendations before we meet with the state. Please stay in touch with your local leader or contact us within the next few months with this information at either unit4@seiu1000.org, unit17@seiu1000.org or unit20@seiu1000.org. Please include details about how these changes are affecting your current job duties and/or working conditions.

For any updates on the creation of a Medical Assistant classification, please visit the seiu1000.org website.