SPB executive officer rules against DDS in outsourcing challenge
9:38 AM - March 17, 2010


The State Personnel Board (SPB) Executive Officer has ruled against the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) in a case challenging the outsourcing of a new community program assessment service. The executive officer agreed with Local 1000 that state employees are qualified, experienced and capable of doing this specialized work. The department has 30 days to challenge the executive officer’s decision and appeal to the full five-member SPB board. The cost of this contract is $1.6 million.

In her decision, SPB Executive Officer Suzanne Ambrose wrote:

“Improving and expanding existing state programs under new statutory schemes or by using new or improved technology are inherent functions of the state government. If such improvement is deemed ‘a new state function,’ all civil service functions, unless remaining stagnant, would eventually give way to private contracting. This could not have been what the implied “civil service mandate” intended.”

Read the complete SPB decision for DDS [PDF]