Spring 2021 Board of Directors Meeting Provides Update on Health, Direction of Our Union


The Local 1000 Board of Directors (BOD)—the core of our union’s member-led governance structure—held its March meeting in a virtual environment, as we continue to observe safe business practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Board of Directors sets the direction for Local 1000, determines goals and objectives, adopts and monitors plans, adjusts budgets and evaluates progress in carrying out the purposes of Local 1000. Our guidepost is the Local 1000 Purpose Statement, which says in part, “…to give all Californians the opportunity to have a good life…and to enjoy the fruits of social, economic, and environmental justice.”

51 member-elected District Labor Council Presidents, nine Bargaining Unit Chairs, our Local 1000 president and three vice presidents comprise the board and provide leadership in our mission to represent 96,000 state workers.

Last December, the board approved Local 1000’s 2021 budget and they received an update on the budget at the recently held March meeting. Our first quarter results are as projected, and the board heard good news that the anticipated restoration of the PLP pay cuts will increase Union revenue.

Board members learned that the State’s finances are also showing renewed health. A projected $26 billion in federal pandemic relief, along with a $10 billion state surplus, will combine to help California recover from a $54 billion deficit just a year ago.

Highlights from the meeting included Nikki Linnerman, member chair of our COPE (Committee on Political Education), reporting on the union’s successful efforts in helping elect two democratic senators in Georgia—one of the most important special elections in a generation.

President Walker discussed Local 1000’s efforts to build and maintain union power in a world where nearly three-quarters of our represented employees are working remotely.

And she shared details behind our ongoing efforts to reach thousands of newly hired state workers, which along with a number of campaigns that ensure our membership base remains strong, are together successfully growing our membership.

The meeting also included a Local 1000 healthcare presentation.

The Local 1000 Board regularly hears motions presented by one or more of our Directors intended to revise the Local 1000 Policy File, the document that regulates the operation of our union. During the March 24, 2021 BOD, the Board heard presentations of five such motions and voted decisively in each case to preserve our policies as currently written.