State Compensation Insurance Fund – Performance Standards


In accordance with Article 13.7.4 of our contract, State Compensation Insurance Fund (State Fund) notified the Union of their intent to implement performance standards for some Program Technicians and Worker’s Compensation Insurance Technicians working in the Claims Processing Centers. Per the contract, State Fund requested a meet and confer over the issue.

On September 16, 2015, State Fund and the Union met.  State Fund presented statistical reports and a proposal for performance standards.  The Union rejected the proposal.  The statistics were incomplete, and evidence exists that, during the statistical testing period, employees were held accountable to standards in violation of the contract. Upon our rejection of the State Fund proposal, the CalHR representative at the table stated that State Fund would implement in January of 2016.

Per the contract, a department may establish performance standards once they have met the contract language covering this issue. The Union’s position is that State Fund has not met the terms of the contract in accordance with Article 13.7.4. 

If a manager or supervisor disciplines, bullies or intimidates any worker regarding performance standards (or any other issue), please contact the SEIU Local 1000 Member Resource Center at 866-471-SEIU (7348).  Please understand that State Fund has a managerial right to keep statistics on employee’s production for use in planning and training and may discuss these statistics with their employees.  They cannot hold an employee accountable for statistical standards until they have complied with the contract.

SEIU Local 1000 will continue to monitor this situation and will take appropriate action as necessary.