State creates new Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
1:22 PM - April 23, 2010


Local 1000 has met twice with the state, and more meetings are planned, over the effects of the creation of this new department on our membership.
Senate Bill 63 (2009) merged the functions of the now-defunct Integrated Waste Management Board and the Division of Recycling of the Department of Conservation into the new Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, effective January 1, 2010. The legislation stated that no non-exempt civil service employee was to lose rights or employee status in the merger.

A major issue is the consolidation of different workplace policies into one uniform policy. Representing Unit 1 employees at this table are Neal Johnson, Research Analyst II; Carmel Mercedes, Recycling Specialist II; and Jeff Recht, Associate Programmer Analyst. In addition, they are tracking possible outsourcing violations.  

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Approximately 450 Local 1000 members work in this new department.