Statewide Bargaining Leaders Planning Ahead


Hundreds of union leaders representing our Statewide Bargaining Advisory Council (SBAC) gathered in Sacramento this month to further develop skills and strategies for the successful enforcement of our new contract.

Our SBAC team meets three times each year as part of a strategic planning process to engage our members and prepare for upcoming negotiations. Our current contract, ratified earlier this year, expires in a little more than two years.

Already, each of our bargaining unit teams are creating plans to achieve improvements in our wages, benefits and working conditions. Key goals include making careers in state service more sustainable with upward and, career mobility; receiving value for our work; and creating safer, healthier working conditions, including stopping the abuse of mandatory overtime.

SBAC members were trained on an exciting new Contract Search tool, now available online for our 96,000 members to use.

About our SBAC Team: SBAC members are comprised of our union’s elected District Bargaining Unit Representatives (DBURs), who interact with members in their workplaces about issues related to our contract. SBAC also includes the 60+ members of Local 1000’s Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee, our fellow state workers who are responsible for bargaining our contract.