Step up, volunteer, and make politics matter for us all.


This is the most important election in a generation. 

Starting the week of October 5th and ending on November 3rd, Californians will make decisions ranging from who will represent us in the State Legislature to whether your city has the power to stop out-of-control rent hikes. We will decide whether Uber and Lyft drivers receive basic worker guarantees like minimum wage and sick days. 

We will decide if we will fully fund our schools to bring back the education for which California was known. A global pandemic has taught us that electing the right leadership is literally a matter of life and death.

This election is a watershed moment for our democracy, and if the battle to protect working Californians is going to be fought in the political arena, Local 1000 will do what it takes to ensure that our members and those who are important to them are represented in that fight.

We invite you to join with us by contacting your fellow Local 1000 members and our communities about the importance of this election and the importance of voting. There are phone and text banking shifts available to help spread the word on your union’s positions on all of the propositions on the ballot.

In addition, we’re launching a Member Group on Facebook to serve as a place to share relevant news, discuss how to get involved in your union and your community, and to civilly debate the political issues important to you.

 For more information on how you can help, send an email to