Steward retaliation case a win for Local 1000
Adverse actions removed after union challenges manager’s actions


Swift and decisive action by Local 1000’s legal department shut down a hostile manager’s suppression of our members’ right to conduct union activities at Department of Social Services (DSS). The union’s determination to not let bullying behavior stand forced DSS to agree to completely withdraw spurious charges against our members. 

“We’ll do whatever it takes to get these kinds of bogus adverse actions removed,” said Tamekia N. Robinson, vice president for organizing/representation. “There’s no way we will tolerate bullying of our stewards.”

Most of the problem interaction took place between members who are DLC leaders and one manager who was scapegoating union members in an “us vs. them” atmosphere he had created. Internal “impartial” incident investigations baselessly put the blame on the members, who were punished with adverse actions for filing “dishonest” claims.

To find relief, Local 1000 brought the manager’s behavior to the State Personnel Board (SPB). We also filed Unfair Labor Practice charges with the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) as well as several grievances for contract violations. DSS conceded, and the adverse actions were withdrawn.