Stewards for a Stronger Union
Fostering Unity and Strength Through Leadership


Local 1000 stewards are our colleagues who have stepped up to become advocates at the workplace. They amplify our voices and connect our members’ power across the state. Each steward is a dedicated Local 1000 member who invests their time and effort to represent our members and to build unity and strength at the workplace. Through their efforts and leadership, we have the power necessary to give our members – and all Californians – the opportunity to have a good life.

The Leadership Apprentice Program for Stewards (LAPS) gives our stewards the tools they need to succeed. LAPS is a six-month program in which steward candidates take extensive online courses, interactive in-person trainings and have access to mentorship opportunities. 

LAPS trains our stewards to better enforce our contract, organize their workplace and keep members connected to our union. Because of their training, stewards are better equipped to organize their worksite, better enforce the contract and make meaningful change in their community.

“I feel very accomplished when I have the opportunity to empower my colleagues and enforce our contract,” said Annie Chao, a Local 1000 steward. “As a steward, I’m helping to build a stronger union for all of us.” 

Upon completion of the program, stewards are certified to represent members at the worksite and take an oath to uphold the steward purpose statement and our union principles.

“Stewards are the building blocks of our union,” said Tamekia N. Robinson, Vice President for Organizing/Representation. “Our stewards are a grassroots network of active members who are engaged and involved in issues at their worksite, communities and our union. Developing more stewards means a stronger Local 1000.”

If you are interested in learning more about LAPS or would like to inquire about becoming a steward, visit: