Take Action Now!


California, like the rest of the country, is in an unprecedented economic situation. Our state is facing a $54 billion budget deficit. We received notice that the state is looking at a 10% cut.

Because we have a union and we have built power, we have a choice in this matter. That is because of you! We’ve worked hard over the last 12 years to build power, to strengthen our political and organizing programs, and to show the true importance of the work that we do as state employees.

This is a very different moment than we’ve been in before: not only is this a very different type of economic crisis, but we have built power through our work and as a result we have an administration that wants to work with us to close this gap.

Take Action Today To Help Solve This Problem.


Call the Senate – Dial 844-967-2163 (English and Spanish)


Our demands of the Senate:

  • As public servants, we demand that the Senate invest in $1 Trillion in aid to fund the critical services that state and local governments provide to our communities.
  • We’re asking the Senate to put partisan politics aside and put working families’ health, safety, and financial security first.

​Dial 844-967-2163 to be connected with your senator.