Taking Back California School for the Deaf


Local 1000 members and other California School for the Deaf (CSD) families and faculty took action on August 19 to demand the immediate resignation of the school’s site superintendent amid growing and unanswered concerns about declining student enrollment, high staff turnover and a culture of fear and retaliation caused by his gross lack of leadership.

The action is part of an ongoing campaign to bring attention to the problems arising from Dr. Sean Virnig’s failed leadership. Families and staff have documented multiple accounts of how the unchecked destructive behavior of Virnig is directly causing teachers to leave, student enrollment to drop and morale to sink, creating far-reaching implications for the surrounding community.

Local 1000 is working collaboratively with the Association of Families, Teachers and Counselors and the California Association of the Deaf to urge State Superintendent Tom Torlakson to act in the best interest of the CSD community and remove Virnig as site superintendent. Our message is clear: To preserve the school’s vision for exemplary
bilingual education for deaf children, CSD requires new leadership now.

Watch the news coverage here: abc7ne.ws/2b7wTVt