Tentative Agreement Reached with State Bar


In these difficult times, your Bargaining Team is pleased to share some good news: We have reached a Tentative Agreement with State Bar management for a successor MOU! 

Highlights of the deal include:

  • 2% COLA in January 2021
  • 1% COLA in January 2022
  • Retiree health in parity with management (full health care at the 80/20 split with 15 years of CalPERS service)
  • 160 hours of paid bonding leave for new parents
  • Four (4) personal days annually after five (5) years of service
  • Salary range increases for Paralegals, Court Specialists, Legal Secretaries, and Administrative Supervisors that were found to be under market or under valued
  • Accelerated promotional pathways for entry-level positions
  • Up to $250 per year subsidy for certain licenses and certifications, including California Bar membership for General Unit employees 
  • Increased lunch break flexibility that allows non-exempt employees to choose a 45 minute lunch break
  • Additional week of vacation cash out for a total of three weeks per calendar year
  • Bereavement leave expanded to include nieces and nephews
  • Increases for bilingual differentials
  • The term of the agreement will run through December 31, 2022.

Next, the Tentative Agreement must be ratified by both State Bar members of Local 1000 and the State Bar Board of Trustees. In the coming days, we will be announcing video and/or conference calls for the Bargaining Team to further explain the deal and to answer your questions. We will also be announcing the procedures for member ratification, taking into account the fact that the vast majority of you are telecommuting.  

As you may know, we have been in bargaining for nearly a year. We want to recognize that we could not have gotten this deal done without the solidarity and support from all of you. Special thanks goes out to Caitlin Elen, Marc Krause, and Britta Pomrantz who are no longer on the Bargaining Team but who were valuable members of the team along the way. We feel confident in recommending this deal to you.       

Your Bargaining Team

Patrice Vallier-Glass (Bargaining Chair)
Raquel Hines (DLC President) 
Lita Abella
Jay Buteyn
Ivy Cheung
Michael Mullen
Shataka Shores-Brooks
Lynn Taylor
Andrew Vasicek