A Thanksgiving Message from President Yvonne R. Walker


At Local 1000, we make reflection an important part of our work. And Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect and be thankful for what we have and how we can use what we’ve been blessed with to better the lives of others.

As state workers, we are fortunate to have pensions but less than half of private sector workers in California have any retirement benefits at all through their employers. And nearly half of ALL Californians working today are on track to retire into poverty.

Just like many families use the warmth and plenty of Thanksgiving dinner to reflect upon the hunger of others, we must remember how hard we fought for our retirement security—and continue to fight to keep it—to reflect on the lack of security for so many of our friends, family and community members. We must always expand the fight beyond our own self-interests.

The same holds true for the other hard-fought rights we enjoy that help us put food on the table and care for our families. We need to stand strong for income equality, affordable health and child care for all, racial and immigrant justice and the right of all workers to join a union.

On this Thanksgiving, be grateful for what you have and hold your loved ones close. And don’t forget to reflect on the needs of others and how you can share of yourself and join the fight to bring the possibility of a good life to all.

I give thanks for you, our members, and all you do. When we stand together, we can accomplish anything.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Yvonne R. Walker, 
SEIU Local 1000