The vast majority of the responses to the Bargaining Unit 1 website survey indicated a high interest in on-line classes. On this page there are a number of resources. They include on-line classes for specific skills: research and analytical, Project Management, IT and general classes to improve writing, computer and math skills.  

Research and Analysis

The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) offers a variety of courses. They range in length from one hour to two days and cover a variety of topics including critical thinking, interpersonal, analytical and writing skills. Click here >>

Here are some hints at how to do Internet searches for beginners.
For help deciding on the uses of Internet, check out this site.
Internet research for advanced researchers can be found here
CalHR provides an overview of ‘What it Takes to be a Sccessful Analyst’.

Project Management

For an interesting training on Project Management, and a way to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), click here >>
For a quick project management course, try this >>
For a variety of free webinars, including project management, check out  
Part of Apple’s iTunes store, iTunes U is a vast learning resource offering free educational content that users can download straight to their computer, iPad, iPod and iPhone.

Information Technology

The Open University: The Open University is an excellent place to look for free educational resources on just about any topic, and as you might imagine they carry a fair amount of computer science material as well.

Google Code University: Google has created a number of resources to help computer science students, including courses on programming, web security, algorithms, and much more.

Udacity: Started by a professor at Stanford, this site is a must-see resource for any CS student. Currently, it offers courses in cryptography, web application engineering, computer program design, programming languages, and even programming robotic cars!

The Office of Technology Services Training Center also provides classes to IT professionals.

For a Master List of Free Computer Classes Online, click here.

General Skills

Writing Composition: