Training critical for CDCR employees transferred in lieu of layoff
11:36 AM - April 15, 2010


The dust has finally settled on CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) cuts in its educational and juvenile justice programs. A key issue now is making sure that employees who transferred to other positions in lieu of layoff receive the training they need to pass probation in their new classifications. In addition, employees who transferred to CCRA (Correctional Case Records Analyst) positions have the additional hurdle of passing a background check.
Elected Unit 1 SBAC (Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee) members are contacting affected employees to make sure they receive the training they need to be successful. Meetings with DPA (Department of Personnel Administration) and CDCR will be held later this month.

The majority of affected employees transferred to AGPA (Associate Government Program Analyst), SSA (Staff Services Analyst), CCRA (Correctional Case Records Analyst); and Information Technology classifications.

About 180 Unit 3 teachers and about eight affected Unit 1 employees transferred to other positions in Unit 1 in lieu of layoff. About a dozen Unit 1 employees transferred to positions in other bargaining units and about a half dozen resigned, retired or were laid off.   

Representing Unit 1 at the table was Karen Devoll, CCRA, Jamestown Conservation Camp, and Jim Carlson, Institutional Artist/Facilitator, California State Prison, Sacramento. For more information about CDCR layoffs, contact Karen at  

If you are an employee who transferred in lieu of layoff, and you need more training,