Two Local 1000-supported bills await governor’s signature

Two Local-1000 sponsored bills are on the governor’s desk, awaiting signature before the October 11 deadline. Four other bills supported by the union are on a two-year track as Local 1000 continues to push an aggressive legislative agenda.

“We’re making politics matter for our members by driving legislation that affects our lives at work and in our communities,” said Yvonne R. Walker, Local 1000 president. “We’re demonstrating the power of our membership at the Capitol.

Awaiting the governors signature:  SB 343, which would expand the role of our Unit 3 librarians in the education and rehabilitation process for prison inmates.

AB 1293 would prevent the state from creating artificial labor shortages by laying off workers and then using the fake shortage to hire private contractors to perform the same work.

Two-year legislation

Local 1000 is working to push four additional bills through the legislature:  one will stop the dangerous practice of mandatory overtime for nurses and nursing assistants, a key priority for the safety of our members. The other bills would clarify the state’s rehiring practices, streamline the state’s adverse action policies, and help employees at the Judicial Council win the right to vote for union representation.