Uniform “Expectations Memo” Circulated after Local 1000 push-back
8:30 AM - October 3, 2012


65 memos reduced to one, unfair expectations dropped

On July 11, 2012, an updated and standardized “expectations memo” was distributed by DMV to statewide offices that included many of the suggestions brought forth by the Local 1000 DMV team.

As reported in the April 2012 edition of DMVLine, 65 variations of the memo had begun to circulate to offices in September 2011. Many of the guidelines in the memos were unfair and unrealistic, including the requirement to raise your hand to use the restroom, the inability to ask a coworker for technical assistance and the inability to dictate personal development days.

This attempted over regulation was met by the Local 1000 DMV team standing up and saying, “This memo must be consistent and fair - not impractical.” The DMV team, comprised of members and staff, sat down with representatives from DMV to express concerns and provide mutually beneficial suggestions.

“We wanted DMV to understand that we were willing to work with them to create a standard memo, but they could not implement unreasonable standards that would have hindered our ability to do our work,” said Richard Turner who sits on Local 1000’s DMV team. “We serve and respect the citizens of California, so DMV needs to respect us.”

The memo is not only standard, but the conditions outlined in the memo apply to everyone in the office. The following line, included in the memo, must also be adhered to by managers, “Employees are to utilize designated storage areas provided in the field offices to store their purses, backpacks and other personal belongings.” If you are aware of instances where managers are not complying, please contact your union representative or call the Member Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348).