Union pressure leads to settlement win at State Fund
Department implemented production standards without union input


Local 1000 stopped the State Compensation Insurance Fund (State Fund) from implementing a serious violation of our contract by introducing performance standards in the workplace without notifying and bargaining with the union. As a result of our pressure, State Fund has agreed to suspend the controversial program and meet with Local 1000.

Article 13.7.4 of our contract protects our members from the state instituting a new system of metrics designed to measure hourly work output without first meeting with the Union. State Fund denied that the metrics were in fact performance standards, but Local 1000 proved that they used the information for tracking and comparing work between employees leading to discipline in some cases.

“It doesn’t matter what State Fund called the changes, in reality they were performance standards, and we needed to be notified to discuss their implementation,” says Sophia Perkins, Bargaining Unit 4 chair. “There’s a process, and we won’t hesitate to take departments like State Fund to task when they don’t follow it.”