Unit 11 Bargaining Update for Monday, July 15, 2019
Unit 11 Proposes Special Salary Adjustments in Fight for Pay Parity


Unit 11, Local 1000’s Engineering and Scientific Technicians, went to the table on Monday, July 15, 2019, to continue bargaining with state negotiators. The Unit 11 team presented several subject matter experts and submitted eight Special Salary Adjustment (SSA) proposals aimed at aligning pay parity for county and city workers with comparable engineering and scientific job duties.

In one presentation our Unit 11 subject matter expert talked about the engineering technician work he does for Department of Water Resources, the critical nature of the department’s mission, and the importance of pay equity with local water agencies to fair compensation and retention of talent.

The department of Water Resources ensures that communities across the state have access to water for consumption and farming, and our technicians in Unit 11 are the ones that make that happen each and every day. 

In the other presentation, our subject matter experts talked about the engineering work they perform for Caltrans and the fact that in localities across California, county and municipal employees often are paid more for similar work. In both cases the presenters made a strong case for fair compensation and equity so that workers can afford to live in the communities they were raised and still call home.

As Unit 11 Bargaining Chair Brad Willis said, “Our Unit 11 members are a part of California, too. We deserve to be paid fairly so we can afford to stay in this state.”

Through town halls, comment cards and our bargaining survey, Unit 11 members have communicated what pay equity and being valued for their work means to them. And the SSA proposals that were submitted to the state yesterday reflected those priorities. 

Unit 11 represents almost 2,800 Engineering and Scientific Technicians who work for the state of California. They return to the bargaining table on July 25.