Unit 11 Bargaining Update for Monday, July 29, 2019
Unit 11 Continues the Fight to Protect Worker Values and Create a California for All


On Monday, July 29, 2019, the Unit 11 team went back to the table to represent almost 2,800 Local 1000 Engineering and Scientific Technicians in the ongoing fight with state negotiators to build a California for All.

The bargaining session featured the signing of tentative agreements on 14 “roll over” articles, which would preserve hard-fought language from the existing contract.

The state responded to several of these roll overs with proposed changes to the post and bid language, which included removing Fish and Wildlife and CalTrans out of the program. The state further proposed to delete two articles that Unit 11 has been working on in an attempt to revise the classifications of fish habitat assistant and laboratory assistant classification. The state’s position is that the work is finished despite the fact that little, if anything, has changed.

The session also featured a discussion regarding a statewide joint labor management committee at which Cal HR is supposed to be present, with the state disputing this requirement.

“Unit 11 is committed to fixing the long-standing classification issues we’ve had for years,” said Brad Willis, Unit 11 chair. “While the state seems unwilling to do so at present, we hope that will change.”

Unit 11 is slated to return to the bargaining table early next week.