Unit 20 Bargaining Update for Monday, July 8, 2019
Unit 20 Members Share their Work and Submit Special Salary Adjustment Proposals


Our Unit 20 bargaining team met with state negotiators on Monday, July 8, to share the work they do and the value of that work to the residents of California.

The Unit 20 team introduced themselves and invited nine different subject matter experts from Medical and Social Service occupations to outline their experiences with the state.  

Following the presentations we submitted special salary adjustments for:

  • Certified Nurse Assistants
  • Counselors for Schools of the Deaf/Blind
  • Registered Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Lab Technicians 
  • Dietetic Technician
  • Night Attendants
  • Teachers Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Radiologic Technicians
  • Respiratory Care Practitioners

Unit 20 members also illustrated the value and service of the work our members perform, many of whom are champions for those in need of medical and educational support.  The personal stories of employees highlighted the need for all Californians to have a livable wage, including the Unit 20 employees. No one should have to rely on a second or third job or live in their car to support themselves and families.

Management responded by saying that they had heard our concerns and would be advocating on our behalf.  Many of the members present reported that the stories moved both teams to tears. 

“In the fifth largest economy in the world, we know California can do better,” said Luisa Leuma, Unit 20 Chair. “We need to build a California for All, and it has to start with our state workers.” 

Bargaining Unit 20 represents over 5,000 state employees in approximately 54 classifications.  Those employees work in the prisons, veterans’ homes, developmental centers, state hospitals, special schools, and other departments for the State of California. The work that they do, and the dedication with which they do it, help make our state a California for All. 

Unit 20 returns to the bargaining table on July 15th.