Unit 3 Bargaining Update for Thursday, July 25, 2019
Unit 3 Bargaining Team Protects Previous Gains with Rollover Proposals


On Thursday, July 25, 2019, Local 1000’s Unit 3 bargaining team met with state negotiators to protect provisions in the current contract that make a difference to the unit’s work force.

Unit 3 accepted rollover provisions from the current contract that ensures:

  • The timely processing of 403(b) tax sheltered annuities.
  • Academic teachers at the state’s special schools can transfer to other special schools in the case of layoffs.
  • That teachers working in special schools receive timely work assignment notifications.
  • The state recognizes the authorship of Unit 3 civil service and exempt employees involved in the writing of publications.

The team also had a lively discussion about substitute teaching and how unclear chains of command coming from the Office of Correctional Education and Institutional Custody often result in conflicting directives for substitute teachers. As a result, this sometimes means that best practices for classroom instruction are not being used.

“On Thursday, we were able to protect current contract language that is meaningful to our members,” said Terry Hibbard, Unit 3 chair. “That’s important. Now it’s time to mobilize for all the things we’ve proposed at the table.” 

The Unit 3 bargaining team is scheduled to go back to the bargaining table on Monday, July