Unit 3 Bargaining Update for Wednesday, August 21st, 2019
Career Technical Education Instructors in CDCR Win Clarifying Language on Initial Placements


On Wednesday, August 21, Unit 3’s bargaining team signed a tentative agreement (TA) that clarifies the process by which Career Technical Education (CTE) Instructors are initially placed on the unit’s salary schedule. This new language will ensure that CTE instructors are assessed and placed in the schedule on equal footing with Academic instructors.

In the past, CDCR often used either years working in the trade or education credentials to determine salary scale placement for CTE Instructors. The new language clarifies the initial the process under which a CTE instructor who possesses a Bachelor’s degree will be placed on the salary schedule. CTE instructors without a Bachelor’s degree will continue to be placed on the schedule based on a combination of education and in-trade experience.

In many instances, this simply wasn’t taking place beforehand. The bargaining team worked hard to establish contract language that would make the provision easier to apply correctly.

The Unit 3 team also signed a TA protecting its Coaching and Advisor Differential at the Special Schools.

“Through many long hours and hard negotiations, our Unit 3 bargaining team has shown real dedication to the process and a strong commitment to our unit members and their issues,” said Terry Hibbard, Unit 3 chair. “Their level of professionalism and attention to detail is something for which every Local 1000 member can be proud.”   

All outstanding Unit 3 salary related issues will be taken up in the coming weeks. In the interim, members are encouraged to stay engaged as we continue the fight for a new deal.