Unit 4 Bargaining Update for Friday, August 9th, 2019
Unit 4 Bargaining Team Negotiates New Dispatcher Clerk Classification Study


Unit 4’s bargaining team signed another tentative agreement (TA) this Friday, August 9, securing a new Dispatcher Clerk and Dispatcher Clerk (CalTrans) classification study. The TA represented another big victory for Local 1000’s Dispatcher Clerks and will jump-start a class review process that began over a decade ago.

Having an accurate set of classification specifications and job duties can have a real impact on workloads, recruitment and compensation, which is especially important given that the Dispatcher Clerk and Dispatcher Clerk (CalTrans) class specifications haven’t been reviewed since 1974. In fact, the current specifications still mention the operation of teletype machines.

Today, Dispatcher Clerks are expected to have a working knowledge of communication technologies that didn’t exist the last time their class specifications and job duties were reviewed. As a result, the current specs simply don’t reflect the work that our Dispatcher Clerks are doing. 

The Dispatcher Clerk/ Dispatcher Clerk (CalTrans) Classification Task Force will be conducting the study and plan to complete it and present recommendations within two years.

The Unit 4 bargaining team also was able to ensure that Hearing Reporters, who have been transferred from Unit 4 to Unit 1, will continue to receive all of the differentials they are currently receiving by TA’ing a provision to that effect on Friday.

Eric Alcaraz, a Unit 4 BUNC member, stated, “We continue to ensure that our member’s jobs specs are current and actually reflective of what Dispatcher Clerk do. That’s important to our members.”

The Local 1000s bargaining teams are asking you to join them at the Capitol Ally on August 13 to show our collective power. Call 866.471.7348 (SEIU) to RSVP.