Update: CDCR 2018 – 2019 Academic Calendar


On February 1st, Bargaining Unit 3 representatives held a Meet and Confer with the Office of Correctional Education to discuss the proposed 2018/2019 Academic Calendar. Our discussion focused on usage of the Quarter Break day and establishment and maintenance of the Trade Advisory Councils. During this meeting, your team passed two proposals.  The first proposal concerned the maintenance of the Quarter Break day for the completion of quarterly reporting.  The second proposal requested the reestablishment of the Trade Advisory Councils for our Vocational Instructors. 

While both proposals were ultimately rejected, our team did have the opportunity to engage in robust discussion about important issues. In these table discussions, Jennifer Winnisdorfer of the OCE stated that OCE recognized the need for the Quarter Break day to be free of staff meetings and trainings so that teachers could complete the necessary quarterly reports. However, it was noted that this did not mean that a Quarter Break could not be subject to being diverted because of safety and security, institutional or departmental needs. 

During discussions of the TACs, the state team informed us that the OCE had sent a memorandum to the Vocational Instructors and School Administrators directing the establishment and maintenance of the TACs. This memo was sent out on August 30, 2017. If your institution does not have a TAC or your TAC is not active, contact your DBUR, steward, organizer or SEIU activist to begin discussing how to address this issue at the local level.

The OCE Academic Calendar will be posted on the Unit 3 Web page when the final version is received from the Department.