Update: DJJ 2018 – 2019 Academic Calendar


Your Bargaining Unit met with representatives of the DJJ on January 18th, to discuss member concerns with salaries, caused by the introduction of the July to June Academic Calendar.

Troy Fennel, Superintendent of Education Service Branch, Christina O’Connell from DJJ Personnel and Caleb McKim, CDCR Labor, met with Bruce Theel, BU3 Chair, Pamm Handel, DJJ/NCYC and Eloise Merrifield, SEIU Local 1000 staff, at  Local 1000 headquarters.

The discussion centered on the question of whether the teachers in the DJJ will be underpaid during this particular academic year.  Superintendent Fennel stated that the department had reviewed the payment processes for the year so far.  DJJ did not see any problems with underpayments and will be following the normal reconciliation at the end of the year, as they have in previous years. 

Our team pointed out that it was quite possible that the reconciliation at the end of the 17/18 year could result in financial liabilities to the DJJ, which the ESB representatives acknowledged. 

The salaries for the 18/19 Academic Year will be paid out in twelve equal checks based on the calculation of daily rate multiplied by 18.33 (average number of days worked per month, 220 days divided by twelve months, equaling 18.33 days).