Update on SCIF Performance Appraisal


On August 12, 2020, our Union met with the State Compensation Insurance Fund (State Fund) to continue discussing the planned update of the Performance Appraisal process within the department. State Fund plans to remove the three tier rating system of inconsistent, successful, and exceptional from annual performance appraisals and instead rely on a process where management regularly communicates performance expectations and concerns to employees throughout the year.

Some of the major details from the negotiations include:

  • Our Union team expressed concerns with the more subjective nature of the proposed appraisal process which is more narrative-based and no longer following the standard tiered process.
  • Management believes the new process allows for a more thorough performance appraisal process not confined by the traditional rating system.
  • Our Union team proposed State Fund conduct a pilot program before fully rolling out this updated performance appraisal process and State Fund agreed to pilot the updated process in the Santa Ana and Riverside Claims divisions, all Corporate Underwriting, and all Regional Operations.
  • Employees that will be a part of the pilot program for the new performance appraisal process will not lose a performance award based on the appraisal. This does not guarantee a performance award as an employee could be disqualified for an award for not meeting other requirements.
  • Both our Union and State Fund management will continue to monitor and discuss this process as the pilot program is implemented.

If you have any questions about the updated performance appraisal process,

be sure to reach out to your bargaining unit email address at either unit1@seiu1000.org , unit4@seiu1000.org , or unit15@seiu1000.org