The Vote is In
SEIU International Delegate Election


The Delegate list has been updated as of January 31, 2020. Over 55,000 votes were received electing 61 delegates to the SEIU International Convention. We were fortunate to have a large pool of candidates and diverse voter involvement.

As always at our Local, the election process focused on integrity and transparency. To ensure a fair outcome, the election committee determined that about a half of 1% of the votes were affected by the way some voters folded the ballot and returned it in the secret ballot envelope.

The election committee visually inspected the ballots affected by the folds to ensure that vote totals reflected actual votes. This is the very reason that we label the initial results as preliminary pending final results. The final certified results are subject to a protest period for the affected candidates. Congratulations to the elected delegates.

Click here to view the “2020 Delegate Election Final Results”.