Wealthy, White-Majority Board of SEIU Local 1000 Attempts Anti-Minority Coup
Cabal within Largest California Public Labor Union Betrays Members to Fulfill Classist Agenda


SACRAMENTO, CA (October 26, 2021) — Multiple members of the SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors held an unsanctioned, out-of-order, secret meeting—off the record—on Sunday October 17th, 2021, at the Democratic Party Headquarters in Sacramento, California.  The aim of the mostly wealthy, mostly white Board was to relieve Richard Louis Brown, SEIU Local 1000 President, of his powers.  The SEIU Local 1000’s own by-laws/policy file explicitly forbid holding executive sessions without the President being present, except in cases where the union president is incapacitated.

President Brown had spent the prior week working at fulfilling his campaign promise to fight for essential premium worker pay for all represented Local 1000 employees statewide. In his tenure to date, he has followed on his promise–his duty–to his constituents: break the Union away from politics and focus on restructuring a new, by-the-workers, for-the-workers culture within SEIU Local 1000. Since day one, he has been met with opposition from the Board of Directors (select photos above) who opposed his changes and were critical of his transparent approach to fulfilling his duties including his promise to oppose political spending that is not germane to Union business in order to fight for a 21% pay increase for California state workers in the Union’s next contract bargaining sessions.

The Board of Directors has frequently criticized and ridiculed President Brown, who is black, during his Wednesday night “Local 1000 Listens to You” calls due to his religion and culture. These calls are transparent and available for viewing via Facebook Live on SEIU Local 1000’s and President Brown’s Facebook page, and are archived each week. These board members have compared President Brown to “Kanye West” and say that his passionate speech regarding worker rights’ makes them feel “attacked.”   Many of these Board of Directors members ran uncontested and have never had any interactions with the District Labor Council dues-paying members they represent. President Brown has made it clear that he is fighting for all of the workers of the State of California, not just for the thousands who voted him in.

To date, President Brown has demonstrated his leadership by cutting salary stipends, and refusing to take a stipend himself, resulting in savings to the Union of half a million dollars when he was sworn into office. Such savings had not been seen in SEIU Local 1000 since June 2016. The Board of Directors has also criticized Brown for this as well and has turned the Union into a cabal of political extremists. Brown has stated there will be consequences to members who attended the unsanctioned meeting; however, the secretive Board of Directors has made one message clear: they are willing to break the rules and go against the votes of dues-paying members and will stop at absolutely nothing to gain favor back with the Governor’s office to get their stipends back.