What is a Job Steward?


SEIU Local 1000 stands with you to defend state workers from any cuts to our benefits or workplace protections. By voting for DLC and statewide officers, you are shaping our Union and making your voice heard.

Your DLC leadership isn’t carrying this work out on their own. Our union relies on our Job Stewards to engage with members and fight back against unfair practices in the workplace. Job Stewards host worksite meetings, represent employees with management, advise members on the contract. Stewards are the foundation of the power of our union; they connect members to their union and to one another. To become a Job Steward, please talk to your DLC leadership.

  • Stewards have the right to choose how active they are in their DLC’s
  • Steward can help organize their jobsite or department
  • Stewards can give information out to their co-workers on where to get help or representation
  • Stewards can represent members in disciplinary situations
  • Stewards negotiate our contract with the state every 3 years
  • Steward’s fight for our rights on a daily basis
  • Steward’s hold Management accountable for their actions

Stewards can be one or all of these depending on how much you would like to participate.

For those that want to do more the Union has training to make sure you have the knowledge to do it correctly. If you would like to become a Steward, please use this QR code to start your Steward application.

Alternatively, call your Union Representatives at the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 1-866-471-7348.

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