Writing a Cover Letter


A potential employer does not usually interview everyone who applies for the job. You must convince the employer that you are one of the applicants who should be interviewed. The cover letter is the means by which you sell yourself to an employer. The cover letter is in many cases the first impression the employer has of you. You want that impression to be a good one. Your cover letter must be typed, neat, organized, and grammatically correct. It should be printed on good quality bond paper in either ivory or white. (Use the same type of paper for your resume, so the two match.)

Your Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Date of Writing

Name of Employer
Name of Organization
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code 

Dear Mr. or Ms. (insert person’s last name):

State the purpose for writing:  name the position or field, or the general vocational areas in which you are seeking employment. Be specific. Explain your source of information, how you heard about the opening or organization.

Summarize your qualifications which are of the greatest value to the employer (bullet key accomplishments). Look over the job description and use this as your guide to cite your relevant education, experience, and skills. Call the reader’s attention to your particular skills, competencies, and interests as they relate to the duties and responsibilities of the position. State your interest in that particular business, location, and/or type of work.

Request the next step in the employment process. Refer to the application and/or resume you have enclosed. (Don’t forget to do this.)  State that you are available for an interview at their convenience. Indicate that you will follow-up by telephone. Be specific, and be sure to honor your arrangements. Close by thanking the person for their time.


Signature in black or blue ink goes here

Your typed name (legal name, no abbreviations)

Enclosure (this refers to your resume and/or application)