David Jimenez
Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer


David Jimenez is serving his first term as a statewide officer after more than 10 years as a member leader advocating for his fellow state workers at his Los Angeles-area worksite.

He’s the first generation of his family to be born in the US. His parents, immigrants from Mexico, instilled in David the value of education, family and faith, and he was the second in his family to earn a college degree—in Business Administration—from Cal Poly Pomona. David and his wife Conny are raising a family of their own and are sharing the same values with their child, including being a proud union family!

A veteran of 17 years of state service, David works in Covina as a Disability Evaluation Analyst for the Department of Social Services. As a Job Steward in his workplace, he fought against a management style that looked at applicants for SSI and disability income as mere numbers and production quotas rather than individuals.

David’s career as a union activist and member leader began more than a decade ago when he was a part of a statewide DDSD Joint Labor Management Committee. As an elected leader, he held positions as DLC Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President/Chief Steward, and, since 2019, President of DLC 706. David is a two-time SEIU International Delegate and previously served as a CSEA convention delegate.

A staunch advocate for our union’s hard-earned rights, David was a part of the team that piloted the Leadership Apprenticeship Program for Stewards (LAPS) during its first year, and also did a stint at Local 1000’s Member Resource Center (MRC) helping members with questions about the contract or who were facing issues at their worksites.

David believes that a leader must listen to his members, be open to ideas, and be accountable for his actions. He exemplifies this by consistently raising his members concerns not only at the worksite but within the union. He stands up to the injustices that impact his members and offers solutions that are member-focused.