September 16, 2020


Promoting Retirement Security for All

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the CalSavers program, California’s first state-sponsored retirement program, has become even more vital to SEIU’s mission of ensuring a California for all. With the financial risks of COVID-19 weighing so heavily on employees across the state, the nearly 7.5 million private-sector employees who work for a business that does not offer a retirement plan are at a huge disadvantage.


Local 1000 Champions Workers’ Issues at Capitol

Our efforts to fight for social and economic justice for workers—and all Californians—has led to over a dozen bills in the Legislature that will change the lives of our members, our families, and our communities. Impacting some of the most important issues facing workers today, we are proud to support the legislation highlighted here.


Step up, volunteer, and make politics matter for us all.

This is the most important election in a generation. 

Starting the week of October 5th and ending on November 3rd, Californians will make decisions ranging from who will represent us in the State Legislature to whether your city has the power to stop out-of-control rent hikes. We will decide whether Uber and Lyft drivers receive basic worker guarantees like minimum wage and sick days.