September 23, 2020


CDCR/CCHCS Health and Safety Grievance Elevated to Arbitration

Our months-long fight to ensure safe prison workplaces took another step forward after the departments continued refusal to fully acknowledge the serious issues surrounding the health and safety of our members.

We called on those departments to enforce existing protocols around inmate movement, PPE, sanitation, physical distancing, and testing to prevent further spread of the virus, where outbreaks are out of control.

They claimed their practices were sound, and in essence, denied our assertions.


Using the Power of our Contract for Members Assigned to Contact Tracing

If the COVID-19 crisis has done nothing else, it has certainly reiterated the importance of workplace safety and security. Creating standards that will be fairly applied to protect everyone’s jobs is our goal as we negotiate with the State on contact tracing.

On Tuesday, September 8, our Contact Tracing team met again with the State for what turned out to be a series of productive conversations focused on the worker’s ability to step up to this state-wide challenge. Although there are still some outstanding items, the negotiations are progressing towards an agreement.


Los Angeles Times Endorses Prop. 15
“A Fairer Tax System”

Most of us want similar things: good schools for our children, a healthy family, and safe neighborhoods. Yet, for more than four decades, many wealthy investors and big corporations have not been paying their fair share, causing California’s school funding to fall behind.

Proposition 15—the Schools and Communities First Proposition — takes an important first step toward fixing California’s broken tax system. It will restore more than $11 billion annually for schools and communities by closing property tax loopholes that benefit only wealthy corporations.


Member Ana Blanco: Building a Stronger Central Valley

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, SEIU Local 1000’s Latin@ Committee is engaged in the fight for justice for the underserved and marginalized communities that live in the shadows yet contribute so much to our country and culture. The achievements of Latino leaders, both past and present, is a template to remind us that we have more work to do.