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“Right to work” attacks are yet another ploy by the top 1% to increase their wealth at the expense of working families. Their aim is to weaken unions in order to suppress your wages and take away benefits.

These attacks impact our communities and create severe economic hardship and a lower quality of life for all of us.

Having a union means financial security and a chance at a middle class life.  It means providing a home for our families, food on our tables and clothes for our children.

On average, workers in “right to work” states earn $6,100 LESS than similar workers in collective bargaining states, like California. They also see 24% cuts to their benefits.  

"It's heartbreaking." Listen to Hoang's story.

"He had no more means of taking care of his family." Listen to Misty and Frank's stories.

Have you or someone you know been affected by working or living in a “right to work” environment?

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Stories will be shared to inform others about the perils of “right to work” attacks.