Staff Departments


Union Resource Center

For membership questions, work site issues, or union activities, this state-of-the-art call center offers you a direct connection to Local 1000 information.

866.471.SEIU (7348)


Statewide Field
The Mission of the Field

Achieve our Real Time Strategic Change Goals by empowering state employees to win social and economic improvements through relational organizing to 1.) Identify, recruit and develop worksite leaders and activists, 2). Champion broadly and deeply felt issues and 3). Organize self-sustaining structures that wield power and unite members in struggle to win.



Our in-house staff of labor law specialists includes eleven staff and senior attorneys, our Chief Counsel and eight legal support professionals. SEIU Local 1000 enjoys the largest and most diverse in-house legal department in the state of California. Seven attorneys are located in Sacramento-the rest work in local area offices to better serve members’ needs. 



The Political department leads political trainings, organizes candidate town halls and member involvement, facilitates precinct walks and election phone banks, creates teams for state Capitol and district lobby visits, and empowers Local 1000 members to get involved in the political process at local and state levels.  

Additionally, we look for ways members can strengthen communities through public service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, cultural events, and environmental issues.  


Legislative Affairs

Guided by ethical and union principles, the Legislative department gives Local 1000 members a voice in the state Legislature. Year round, this team builds strong relationships in the political arena, ensuring that members have access to the Capitol where laws are made that affect their lives. With the help of members, the Legislative department finds creative solutions to state problems–that will ultimately improve quality of life for all Californians.



Our communicators keep members informed on all Local 1000 business including victories, threats to state employees’ welfare, union campaigns and special events through e-mail, websites, departmental newsletters, direct mail, and with the weekly union newsletter - Union Update. Members also have access to Channel 1000 – the first and only news network devoted to labor.



Local 1000’s Research Department offers a broadly talented resource that parallels the diversity of issues confronting a public sector union of our size. The department’s research combats state efforts to outsource jobs and reduce hard-won benefits. Researchers also provide critical information for bargaining and campaigns, and analyze proposed legislation. Our staff reaches beyond the traditional scope of union research to initiate policy studies and investigate the merits of innovations such as performance-based budgeting.