The Local 1000 Upward Mobility Committee is holding training meetings to educate and inform state workers in Unit 4 about the Upward Mobility program, opportunity for advancement and resources that may be used for future growth. Upward Mobility is essential to the professional growth of our members. “It is as simple as informing people of their rights — no one is to be left behind,” said Sophia Perkins, chair of Bargaining Unit 4. This language is specific to Unit 4 members; for more information, see section 13.11.4 of our contract.

At these meetings, Local 1000 members receive:

  • Detailed information regarding the contract language
  • Assistance with Upward Mobility requests
  • Job change and promotion information
  • Transfer information
  • Contacts for Local 1000 Upward Mobility experts
  • Next steps if your Upward Mobility request is denied

Over 100 members attended the inaugural Upward Mobility meeting held in Monterey Park on Tuesday, August 21. Attendees expressed their appreciation for the effort to help people advance in their careers. According to a survey, over half of the members who attended weren’t even aware of the strong contract language that was successfully negotiated during the last bargaining cycle.

Pamela Winn, Bargaining Unit 4 DMV member, discovered this information at one of these meetings at the Sacramento Union Hall, brought the information back to her worksite, and scheduled a meeting at her own worksite to educate her coworkers. “I was just flabbergasted that this was available to our members. I had no idea that there was a group of people who were truly interested in Upward Mobility. I have been here for 12 years and had absolutely no idea about it, “said Winn. “I will definitely encourage my fellow coworkers to attend our worksite meeting to hear the information that Local 1000 is giving its members.”

To request an Upward Mobility meeting in your area, email
They will continue until October 31, 2012.